Cellular regeneration

Free radicals are molecules formed by our bodies but also produced by external factors (i.e., sun, oxygen). They can be useful to our bodies because they clean our organisms by eliminating dead or defective cells and toxic waste.  They also participate in the defense mechanism by fighting against viruses and bacteria that can affect us.

Free radicals are useful in small quantities, but once they are in excess, they can produce tissue damage involved in various health problems. These may go as far as premature aging and contribute to the development of chronic and degenerative health problems.

An overproduction of free radicals can be caused by stress, pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, radiation, too much or too little oxygen, etc.  

It is therefore necessary to have a constructive lifestyle and, if you have to be subjected to radiation or you develop excess free radicals, Ginkgo biloba is the plant to help you better protect yourself against the side effects of free radicals and radiation.  Be careful, however, as the supplement must contain enough active ingredients to be effective. Other antioxidant plants can also help reduce the overproduction of free radicals, such as green tea, grape marc and flaxseed oil which contains Omega 3.

Cellular regeneration

Cellular regeneration

Cellular regeneration

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Para Ginkgo Biloba 90 capsules

Improves cellular protection against free radicals and radiation. Improves memory. Reduces the intensity of tinnitus.

Belgium: Code NUT LP 430/1 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2064-244

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Para Memo 60 capsules

The ideal food supplement for one’s memory, studies and concentration.

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