Memory loss

Memory loss can happen to anyone, especially in times of stress, fatigue, depression and natural aging. If you've got exams coming up, if you're feeling overworked or if you're experiencing minor memory loss due to age, it's important to oxygenate your brain and increase its circulation. Certain plants such as petite periwinkle, ginkgo biloba or a combination of the two with rosemary are excellent supplements for memory, study and concentration.

Para Petite Pervenche

Para Petite Pervenche is an antioxidant plant that helps preserve memory but also hearing, vision, and fights dizziness. Its action on circulation also reduces sensations of cold hands and feet.

Para Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba optimizes memory and improves cellular protection against free radicals. Numerous studies have shown that Ginkgo biloba increases brain oxygenation and thus has a positive effect on memory.

Para Memo

Para Memo is a complex of three different plants (Petite pervenche, Ginkgo biloba, Rosemary) that act synergistically to provide, in a natural form, essential elements for those wishing to maintain or revitalize their memory.

Para Organic Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is a source of Omega 3 and 6, the benefits of which on the cardiovascular and cerebral systems are numerous, starting with support for concentration and memory. More generally, essential fatty acids are favorable to intellectual, emotional and physical health.

Memory loss

Memory loss

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Para Lesser Periwinkle 90...

Helps with problems related to memory, vision, hearing, dizziness, loss of balance and cold hands and feet.

Belgium: NUT code: NUT PL 430/15 – Pharmacy code: CNK 2064-277
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Para Ginkgo Biloba 90 capsules

Improves cellular protection against free radicals and radiation. Improves memory. Reduces the intensity of tinnitus.

Belgium: Code NUT LP 430/1 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2064-244

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Para Memo 60 capsules

The ideal food supplement for one’s memory, studies and concentration.

NUT Code Belgium: PL430/24 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2139-608

Para Flaxseed Oil BIO 150...
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Para Flaxseed Oil BIO 150...

Helps to improve intellectual, emotional and physical health. Improves our quality of life during menopause and andropause. Helps to improve concentration and memory. Helps to keep the skin well hydrated.

NUT Code Belgium: PL430/25 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2815-223

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Light Legs balsam 100 ml

To be used when you have heavy, tired and swollen legs and with feet that are tired and having a burning feeling.

Pharmacy code in Belgium: CNK 2309-698.