Circulation / Cholesterol / Memory


Poor circulation can have unfortunate consequences on our bodies such as hearing and vision problems, dizziness, loss of balance, heavy leg syndrome, cold hands and feet, or feelings of tingling, swelling, cramps and pain. Certain herbs such as periwinkle, ginkgo biloba, grape marc and Chrysanthellum as well as a leg balm can help to promote circulation to reduce these unpleasant side effects.


Memory loss happens to everyone, especially in case of stress, fatigue, depression and natural aging. If you have exams coming up, if you are overworked, or if you suffer from minor memory loss due to aging, it is important to oxygenate your brain and increase brain circulation. Certain plants such as periwinkle, ginkgo biloba or a combination of both with rosemary are excellent supplements for memory, studies and concentration.


We often talk about good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol, but also about triglycerides, which are other fats found in our blood. All these compounds can be brought in from outside the body (exogenous) or made within our bodies (endogenous). They all have their purposes but should not be allowed to accumulate in excess in which case they are harmful. To help you maintain normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, several herbs can be used. Olive tree, green tea, flaxseed oil, and bitter orange can be recommended for people who need to control their blood cholesterol levels. Chrysanthellum helps people who need to control their blood triglyceride levels.

Circulation / Cholesterol / Memory

Circulation / Cholesterol / Memory

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Para Memo 60 capsules

The ideal food supplement for one’s memory, studies and concentration.

NUT Code Belgium: PL430/24 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2139-608

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Para Lesser Periwinkle 90...

Helps with problems related to memory, vision, hearing, dizziness, loss of balance and cold hands and feet.

Belgium: NUT code: NUT PL 430/15 – Pharmacy code: CNK 2064-277
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Para Chrysanthellum 90...

Regulates in case of high cholesterol and/or triglycerides. Improves fatty liver and when people suffer from heavy legs.

Belgium: NUT code: NUT PL 430/17

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Para Olive leaf 90 capsules

Improves circulation, regulates cholesterol and contributes to good kidney function.

Belgium: NUT code: NUT PL 430/12 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2064-301