Who are we?

Parabolic Biologicals is an European company that uses a unique technology of Microbeads which is patented. The microbeads guarantee an efficiency that is 3 times higher than the competitors.
We offer direct sales from our company of our nutritional supplements that are already well known in the more specialized therapists and pharmacies in Europe.

Parabolic Biologicals combines tradition and modern technology since 1996. The products are assimilated at 100 % by your organism, are highly concentrated in active principles, are 100% natural and 100% efficient. They are absorbed by the body at twice the rate of other products, remain active much longer and are of easy absorption.

In addition, they are suitable for infants, for people forbidden to take alcohol as well as for vegetarians.


What do we propose?  

  • Food complements under the form of capsules to be ingested. The content of the capsules is 100% vegetal products, extracted from plants with a process of microgranulation.
  • Balsams to smear on the skin. These balsams are based on plants, essential oils and tinctures that work in synergy, in order to achieve a potent and rapid effect.


Our commitment

  • Products 100% of plant origin, freed of pesticides or animal products.
  • Products 100% assimilated by your organism.
  • No risk of over-dosage.


What is microgranulation?

Our research team has developed a new and superior method of extraction: the method is based on an extraction with alcohol and water, and drying by slow evaporation. This method allows the conservation of the active ingredients, even those sensitive to heat and cold.
The extract is then applied within the microbeads. This allows our body to absorb the totality of the active ingredients (which is not the case for the capsules that contain only powder) but also that these active ingredients are stable in time.

The delayed release allows the first half of the active principles to be liberated within the first 20 minutes after ingestion. This is twice faster than the capsules with powder. The second half of the active principles will dissolve 2 hours later in the intestine, which allows an increase in time of availability of the active principles to the organism.

How be sure of the quality of our products?

All our products are presented with their composition, so that you may yourself easily see what elements have been included in the making of the product that you selected.

Our products are entirely made from vegetal elements which avoids any risk of secondary side-effects.

We possess a decade-long know-how and our line of products is well known in Europe, to such an extent that many physicians, homeopaths and osteopaths do not hesitate to prescribe our products to their patients in the frame of their treatment.

Whereas some other brands propose without hesitation products of poor quality, we guarantee products of very high quality, produced under norm ISO 9001.


What means “norm of production 9001”?

The norm ISO 9001 belongs to the series of norms ISO 9000, relative to systems of quality management; they indicate the management requirements for the set-up of a system of quality management.

Being a list of exigencies, the norm is the basis to the certification of conformity of the producer.

The other norms of the series 9000, e.g. wording (ISO 9000) and directing lines (ISO 9004), do not specify requirements and cannot serve as a basis of certification.


Why are the products of www.bioparabolic.com sometimes more expensive than those proposed elsewhere?

Our products are based on a proprietary method of microgranulation that extracts the active principles of the plants with alcohol and water, followed by drying by gentle evaporation.
This operation allows the extraction of micro- active principles 100% natural, 100% intact and 100% absorbable by your organism.

Contrary to other brands, some of our products contain as much as ten times their amounts of these micro-active principles, which guarantee an optimal efficacy.

In addition, our products have an immediate effect and a few weeks are enough to produce visible results on your organism.

To guarantee an optimal result, all our products undergo stringent quality tests before release, so that you may be certain of their quality and efficiency.

How can I modify the language of the site?

If you wish to modify the language of the site, click on the flag corresponding to the desired language, on the upper right of the page.


Where can I find my customer account?

Click on the option « my account », located upper right on the page.
If you are already registered on the site, introduce your e-mail address as well as your pass word.


I lost my password, what should I do?

On the page ‘my account’ click on « forgotten password? »
A new password shall be immediately sent on your e-mail address.


How can I create a customer account?

Click on the option « my account », located upper right on the page. On the page “my account”, click on “create account” in the space “new clients”.

By creating an account with bioparabolic.com, you will be able to purchase faster, keep your basket from one visit to the next, and follow your orders.


How can I find a product on the site?

Two methods are available:

If you exactly know what you are looking for, use the search motor located upper left on the site, to search by key-words (e.g.: Para Immuno, Slimming Balsam, Ginkgo,…).

Where can I find information on the product? 

When you click on the picture of the product, a new page appears on which are indicated all the information pertaining to this product.

In the file of the product, located to the right of the picture, you will find the information needed to the taking of the selected product (ailments treated, dosage and effects of the product).

Under the picture, you will find additional information on the selected product as : composition, presentation, recommended doses and possible associations of the product with other products of the catalog.

May I safely order through www.bioparabolic.com?

Yes, of course! All data included with your order are protected. The whole transaction proceeds via a secured server (Ogone). You may buy on line totally safely. The banking information that you enter will never circulate encrypted on Internet. No bank card number is nor readable nor reachable by Bioparabolic.com. The transaction is provided entirely through Ogone



What are the guarantees concerning protection of personal data?

The company Parabolic applies scrupulously the law of December 11, 1998, on the protection of personal data, which gives you access to and possibility of rectification of your personal data.



How am I briefed on sales and promotions, and other information concerning the site?

You just have to create an account and select in the E-Mail Notifications that you wish to receive Bioparabolic.com newsletters by ticking the box.



Do I have to re-enter my address data on each order placed on the site? 

No. You need to open your customer account by indicating your e-mail address and your password and your data will appear.



Where can I find the conditions of use?

You will find the information related to the conditions of use by clicking in the menu “conditions of use” located at the bottom of each page.



How can I order?

There are 4 easy and quick steps:

On a product page, indicate the amount desired at the bottom on the product details frame.
After clicking on the icon “add to cart”, a new page will appear in which is shown all the products that are in your cart.

Step 1: Confirmation of your order.

Choose the quantity, per product.
You may at any time change the quantity of a product in the cart.
To remove a product from the cart, click on the square located in the column « remove » of your cart.
To validate the change of wanted quantity or the removal of a product from your cart, click on the option « update your shopping cart » located underneath your cart.

If you have finished your purchases, click on « confirm your order » to go to the next step.

If you wish to pursue your purchases, click on « continue shopping » and go to the next step.

Step 2: Validate your data.

Create your account: personal information, address and address of billing and of delivery.
For your first order, you must open an account allowing you to access thereupon your customer space.
On your next order, you will be able to directly identify yourself with your identifier and password, avoiding filling in again your personal data.

Verify attentively that the address of billing, indicated on the right of the arrow, corresponds*.

You may also fill the field « reduction coupon » if you have discount coupons.

*If you wish to modify the billing address, click on the option « change address », you may then choose an address in your address book or enter a new address.
Validate the operation by clicking on « continue ».

Once you have chosen the correct address of billing and entered the code of the possible discount coupons, click on « continue » and go to the next step.

Step 3: Validate your order

This page recapitulates your order. Verify that the products and their quantities are correct and look at the correctness of the address of delivery*.
To validate your order, confirm that you have read the general conditions of sale and accept them.

Click thereafter on “confirm order” to go to the last step.

Step 4: Payment

Please select a mode of payment by clicking on the logo corresponding to the mode of payment you wish to use.



Loyalty program

To get your points from the loyalty program, you have to go on “Account” then on « My account » then go to your “My loyalty points”. The loyalty points will be shown by order. If you want to transform them into vouchers go to “Transform my points into a voucher of ..” click on OK. A code will be created for you to cash in your vouchers. When you go to your shopping-cart summary order you will see the vouchers code appear under “Vouchers”. If you have several vouchers they will all appear. You click on the code, it will appear in the case “Vouchers”, click on OK. If you want to use more vouchers, repeat the operation as many times as you want.

On your shopping-cart summary, you will see them appear under the name “My loyalty points”.

If your voucher has not been completely used, the points left will be available during your next order.

What is the average delivery time?

The delivery time is between 24 and 72 hours for the whole of Europe after reception of your payment.


What are the shipping costs VAT free?

Colissimo: France, Monaco, Andorra: 5,85 euros
Colissimo Express: Finland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden: 19.20 euros
Colissimo Express: Iceland, Servia; 28.10 euros
Colissimo Express: Norway: 28.10 euros
DPD: France, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg: 5,85 euros
DPD Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, United Kingdom: 11.50 euros
DPD: Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Switzerland, Lichtenstein: 14.75 Euros
USP: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Malta, Poland: 15 euros
UPS: Brazil, Israel: 33 euros
UPS: Canada, USA: 31 euros



What are the payment method accepted?

With Ogone:

  • with a credit card (Visa and Mastercard).
  • with Maestro (European bank transfer)
  • with Belfius Netbanking.


With your Paypal account (credit card)

If you wish to use another method of payment, do not hesitate to contact us:

  • By email: info@bioparabolic.com
  • By the free-call function: we will call you back by phone as soon as possible.

You just have to give us your name and phone number. This function is located on the top of each page, between “SEARCH” and the items of your cart.

After-sales service


Customer support

In order to allow replacement or refund of the product, you must return the defective product to us.
If we believe the complaint is valid, all costs will be entirely at our expense.
If we believe the complaint is unfounded, we will send the product back to you and notify you of the grounds for the inadmissibility of your complaint.
In this case, all shipping costs will be at your expense.
For more information please see the section "Deliveries and Returns".


How may I contact you?

If you wish to file a complaint, you may contact us by e-mail, phone or mail. All information to contact us, are to be found in the right column of the site.