Stress/Sleep/Emotional wellbeing

The life we lead is often a source of constant and sometimes extreme stress: work, family life, news from the outside world, our diet, studies, the chronic lack of time to do everything. All of this has a huge impact on our organism. They can translate into mental fatigue, sleep problems, nervousness, feelings of mental despondency, depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, etc.

If a situation is allowed to continue, it can lead to overwork and burn-out. It is important to identify the sources of these problem. You can call on specialists who, depending on the source of the problems, will teach you to let go, to say no better, to delegate, etc.

Some plants, like passion flower, lemon balm, California poppy and saffron, can also help you relax and take a step back, calm you down, de-stress and sleep better.  These are aids that in some cases, can be very interesting to recover better and put things in perspective.

Stress/Sleep/Emotional wellbeing

Stress/Sleep/Emotional wellbeing

Stress/Sleep/Emotional wellbeing

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Para Relax 60 capsules

A valuable aid for stress management and sleep problems.

NUT Code Belgium: PL430/39 - Pharmacy code: CNK 3404-191

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Para St John's worth 90...

Promotes mental well-being in cases of emotional imbalance, low spirits, nervousness and occasional anxiety.

Belgium: NUT code: NUT PL 430/11 – Pharmacy code: CNK 2273-753

Para Flaxseed Oil BIO 150...
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Para Flaxseed Oil BIO 150...

Helps to improve intellectual, emotional and physical health. Improves our quality of life during menopause and andropause. Helps to improve concentration and memory. Helps to keep the skin well hydrated.

NUT Code Belgium: PL430/25 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2815-223

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Para Bitter Orange 90 capsules

Increases natural defences and improves convalescence. Helps regulate cholesterol levels. Participates in the proper functioning of the nervous system and promotes sleep.

Belgium: Code NUT LP 430/2 - Pharmacy code: CNK 2064-319